Eggs with Ears

  • $20.99

Eggs with Ears are sparkly eggs with ears that are both decorative and functional!

They open up and can hold treats for an egg hunt, be a spot for a special keepsake, or an eggtraordinary gift box for that eggtra special someone! Pretty eggcellent, right!?!

Available in sets of 3:

Neutral Set includes: Sparkle Black, Sparkle Gold, Sparkle Silver
Lively Set includes: Sparkle Blue, Sparkle Pink, Sparkle Purple
Vibrant Set includes: Sparkle Red, Sparkle Orange, Sparkle Green

 Approx Dimensions: 2.35" wide x 2.61" tall x 1.57" deep (60mm wide x 66mm tall x 40mm deep)

This item will ship in 3-10 business days.

*Colors depicted in photos may vary from actual items due to lighting and plastic filament manufacturer slight color variations. Items are 3D printed with eco-friendly PLA filament (wood has 18-20% recycled wood fiber content).

 **Although the PLA we use is made from plant based material, these particular filament colors are NOT rated "food safe" for direct contact with food items (photo with loose jelly beans is shown for illustration purposes only).

Walt Disney Mickey Mouse inspired Easter holiday themed decor.