We are a family of four that loves Disney. Jackson initially started this business with one 3D printer to play around with. He then wanted to combine his passion of designing with Disney, so he created the first ever Magic Band Buddy. It was a Dumbo one as a gift to his sister Julia, because she wanted something more fashionable and unique than the plain old wristband. From there, Jackson made Buddies for friends and family, which he then decided to turn into a business so he could hopefully start paying for college with. Fast forward to today, we are still a family of four that loves Disney and also spreading magic through our products!

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Get to know our team!

Jackson Barton (Chief Imagination Officer)

Hey howdy hey! I am currently 17, and attending Maple Grove Senior High! I enjoy learning new things, including the most pointless facts ever! I am very good at math and I enjoy creating, and engineering. I absolutely love Disney, especially the parks. My first trip to WDW was when I was 6 months old and it has been my happy place ever since. Before I started BDI, I worked hard for myself since I was 11 years old selling concessions at local youth baseball games. With that money, I saved up for my first 3D printer. With my new 3D printer, combined with my love of Disney, Magic Band Buddies were born. Since I have started BDI, I have enjoyed my job of interacting with customers and designing new Buddies. In my free-time I enjoy being with friends and family, as well as being outside and playing basketball or swimming. I also love movies. I am and will always be a kid at heart!

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Darrell Barton (Digital Assets Director)

Hello! I am Darrell Barton and am in charge of all the IT and tech (maintenance on the printers, etc) as well as shipping out all of your orders on time! The best part of my job is sending off the orders knowing that the person on the other end will enjoy a magical vacation with them! For some odd reason my family (and coworkers) say that I tend to chase wayyyy too many squirrels--aka, I get off topic very, very easily. In my free-time I enjoy watching movies as well as making them. I also love spending time with family, whether that is with a nice cold drink or a cool dip in the pool. 




Julia Barton (Social Integration Specialist)

Hi, my name is Julia and I am 14. I am on my High School's Varsity Pole Vaulting team and Varsity Swimming team. I love art and spending time outdoors. I tend to be the most adventurous one in the family, including the family roller coaster connoisseur. As far as my BDI jobs go, I am in charge of the Social Media and assembly of the Buddies, Castle Organizers, Candles, etc. The best part of my job is watching each and every small Disney shop grow, and getting involved in the Small Disney Shop Instagram community. I follow in my brother's footsteps in being good at math. However, I do not like it near as much as he obsesses over it. In my free-time I can be found hanging out with friends outside and snapping pictures.

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Stephanie Barton (Marketing Operations Manager)

Hi, I am Stephanie. I am credited with getting the entire family hooked on loving Disney World, and I have enjoyed going there myself ever since I was a little girl in the 70s. I'm in charge of the packaging of everything as well as the marketing ideas and scheduling of new releases. The best part of my job is sharing my love of Disney with anyone and everyone who is interested. I also enjoy meeting all the other people behind the small shops! My family often accuses me of creating too many to-do lists (but someone's has to keep us on schedule!). In my free time I enjoy cooking, gardening, shopping, and entertaining for friends and family. 




Email: bdi-info@comcast.net

Phone: 763-494-3310