1. How do the Buddies secure the Magic Band Puck?
We use a innovative design with a front and back part that slide together. No tools required!

2. Can custom designs be made?
Unfortunately, due to the long design time of just one Buddy, we currently cannot accommodate customs. 

3. Do you guys carry a ________ Buddy?
We have a large variety of Buddies to choose from, so feel free to try the search bar or browse through the categories! For further assistance, contact us under the contact tab.

4. How are the Buddies made?
The Buddies are 3D printed by us using 100% eco-friendly filament. 

5. Do you offer bulk discounts?
We do! Please use the Contact Us page to get more info.

6. Are they flexible like rubber or a hard plastic?
They are a very durable hard plastic that can handle the rigorous park activities of people of all ages. 

7. What is your current turnaround time?
Our turnaround time for Buddies is about 2-5 business days with typically 3-4 USPS in transit days for the continental US. We will be more than happy to help expedite your order in time for your vacation--please just let us know the date of your trip.
Castle Organizers tend to take longer (1-2 weeks).

8. Do you accept returns or exchanges?
We cannot accept returns or exchanges unless your Magic Band Buddy is not correct or arrives broken/defective.

9. I have another question, how do I ask you?
Send us an email under the Contact Us page!