1. How do I know which version Magic Band Buddy to get?
The older MagicBand 2.0 (released by Disney in 2016) is an oval center "puck" and does not light up, therefore also does not require charging. The newest MagicBand is the MagicBand +. The MagicBand + (released by Disney in 2022) is more of a square center "puck", and has the light up & haptic features, therefore does require a charge. You should purchase the Magic Band Buddy type corresponding to the version of MagicBand you have, if you have a MagicBand + we recommend you add on the charging adapter when purchasing to more easily charge your puck.

For general reference, you can use either a 2.0 or a Plus at Walt Disney World. However, Disneyland only uses the newer Plus version.

2. Can custom designs be made?
We also offer several items that can be personalized/customized in the listings. If you are interested in other custom designs message us for a quote!

3.How do the Buddies secure the Magic Band Puck?
We use an innovative design with a front and back part that slide together. No tools required!

4. How are the your items made?
Most of our items are 3D printed by us using 100% eco-friendly PLA filament. We also use a limited amount of ABS filament and some other added items that we don't make (mirrors, cork, accessories parts).

5. Do you offer bulk discounts?
We do! Please use the Contact Us page to get more info.

6. Are the items flexible like silicone or a hard plastic?
They are a very durable hard plastic that can handle the rigorous park activities of people of all ages or for use in your home or office.

7. What is your current turnaround time?
Our turnaround time for most items is 3-5 business days with typically 3-4 USPS in transit days for the continental US. We will be more than happy to help expedite an order needed on a specific date or for vacation--please just let us know. Most custom items might need 1-2 weeks processing time or longer. Be sure to check individual listing for more specific time requirements.

8. Do you accept returns or exchanges?
Custom items cannot be refunded unless damaged in shipment. Most other items are made to order and not returnable/refundable. Please contact us if there is an issue with your order and we will work with you to resolve it. Please note that shipping charges are not refundable.

9. Do you ship internationally?
YES! We ship worldwide. Be advised that the customer is responsible for any customs, taxes, VAT, tariffs, and import fees which will be charged by the carrier upon delivery. Depending on your location, these charges sometimes add significant cost to your purchase.

10. How does my item attach or put together?
Check out our Instructions Page on how to put things together!

11. How big or what size is an item?
We have very detailed descriptions of each product in their listing. In this description you will find the dimensions of each item. If you are unable to find the dimensions in the description contact us and we are happy to help!

12. I have another question, how do I ask you?
Send us an email under the Contact Us page!