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Blue Rebel Robot Magic Band Buddy

Blue Rebel Robot Magic Band Buddy

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Most items are 3D printed with eco-friendly PLA (Polylactic Acid - plant based) filament. Limited use of ABS and other materials. Colors depicted in photos may vary from actual items due to lighting and plastic filament manufacturer slight color variations. We do our best to insure every product is as perfect as it can possibly be, but be aware that the 3D printing process inherently may have slight imperfections in the final product including visible layers, lines, gaps, and/or bumps.

Care information

Items are NOT dishwasher safe. Clean with damp cloth and dry thoroughly. Do not expose to extreme heat, prolonged direct sunlight, and/or high temperatures which might cause deformation/warping.

Show your unique style with a Magic Band Buddy of the lovable Blue Rebel Robot!

Click for Video Demo of Magic Band Buddy Plus and Charging Adapter.

Simply install your Disney MagicBand+ or 2.0 Icon center "puck" into this custom Magic Band Buddy and clip on to belt, clothes, pin lanyard, bag, etc. It will provide easy access to parks, Lightning Lane access, payment kiosks, your resort room, and more while showing off your unique style. Collect them all to coordinate with your outfit, your agenda, or your attitude!

Included: Custom made Magic Band Buddy with metal binder ring.

Not Included: Disney MagicBand Wristband (Plus or 2.0), carabiner or retractable reel (available separately), small Phillips screwdriver for removing center puck from MagicBand wristbands (no tools are needed to install center puck into a Magic Band Buddy).

The MagicBand+ icon/puck is removable from the wristband but does require charging via the USB charging cable provided with the MagicBand+. We have a Plus Puck Charging Adapter available that will enable charging the puck outside of the wristband. This is not included with your Buddy, but can be added on or purchased separately. We recommend having at least one per Plus puck that you want to charge simultaneously. 

Approximate size: 2.25in x 3.3in x .5in / 58mm x 85mm x 13mm
Approximate weight: 1 oz / 28 g

Magic Band Buddies are designed and made in the USA using more environmentally friendly plant based PLA (PolyLactic Acid) plastics. Colors depicted in photos may vary from actual items due to lighting and plastic filament manufacturer slight color variations.

Walt Disney World Disneyland Galaxy's Edge In a galaxy not so far, far away.... May the force be with you. And it will be with this classic Star Wars inspired R2D2 mech droid class Magic Band Buddy!

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Customer Reviews

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Barry Sandoval

It is adorable! Not too big or small. I've already gotten compliments on it. The only thing I wish that was different was the clip that goes through the hole on the top that keeps the parts together. For some reason mine does not stay together. I am fearful that I will lose my blue rebel robot magic band buddy.