Custom Designed Magic Band Buddy
Girl using Dumbo Magic Band Buddy with a carabiner clipped to a pouch / purse
Boy using Monorail Magic Band Buddy with a retractable badge reel clipped to shorts
Girl using Figment Magic Band Buddy on a pin trading lanyard
Man with Orange Bird Magic Band Buddy attached to a belt loop with a carabiner
Many different Magic Band Buddies shown attached to various bags and backpacks
Simba Magic Band Buddy scanning into park kiosk with green ring lighting up

Custom Designed Magic Band Buddy

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Want a Buddy design that we don’t have yet? This is your chance to have us design the Magic Band Buddy that you’ve been wanting! This design is a holder for the Disney MagicBand 2.0 "puck" (removable center portion).

Here’s the process:

  • Purchase this Custom Magic Band Buddy listing
  • Tell us the Buddy design idea you have
  • We review the idea and confirm it as accepted (or issue a refund, if not accepted)
  • We work on designing, communicating updates, and printing the Buddy
    (4-6 week turnaround time)
  • We ship the final Buddy to you!

The cost of this item covers the design time, getting the very first finished Buddy (ONE), and shipping. Prices for additional Buddies of the same design and quantity discounts are available (please contact us for details).

Please describe your idea in the description field when ordering. Any sketches, pictures, or drawings can be sent via email to: Please reference your order number in the email.

4-6 Week Turnaround Time


How do I have the best chance of a design idea being ACCEPTED?

  • Have a family friendly idea
  • Have a “Disney” tie-in (these are for Disney Magicband 2.0 puck holders, after all)
  • Have a design other fans would be eager to see/buy/use
  • Have a design that is not too intricate or complicated (we love the challenge, but simply can’t spend forever on a design at this price)
  • Please NO sport teams or corporate logos (unless it is your team/company/corporation)

Does this mean I can’t get a custom, one-of-a-kind design just for me?

  • Not at all, we would love to do something just for you!
    However, any custom, “one-of-a-kind” designs that are not sellable to the general public require you to purchase a minimum of 10 additional copies of the designed Buddy.

All designs submitted become our property and are subject to our creative interpretation / design.

We reserve the right to refuse any design we deem inappropriate or incapable of becoming a properly functioning Magic Band Buddy. We also reserve the right to produce any submitted design for sale on our website or through any other means. By purchasing this listing, the submitter of any design acknowledges that their design may be produced and sold to customers other than themselves and agrees that no remuneration will result from said sales as all rights to the design(s) were released upon submission to us.

Magic Band Buddies are designed and made in the USA using plant based, biodegradable PLA (PolyLactic Acid) plastics.

Walt Disney World, Mickey Mouse, Magicband 2.0 puck / icon, custom designed Magic Band Buddy / Puck Pal / Keeper / Holder your design here customized CMBB.

Customer Reviews

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David Gaytan

It is so good! Exactly what I had in mind!!! They ship with really good holders for the magic buddy, I didn’t know that, it’s worth every penny!! Really make my day!