Magic Kingdom Park Pack: Littles + Medium

Magic Kingdom Park Pack: Littles + Medium

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"Letter Board Littles" are creative letter board themed symbols/emblems. Use them to add a "Little" bit of magic to your family or business letter boards! Get this special edition pack of ALL the Magic Kingdom lands and includes the EXCLUSIVE Castle Medium (ONLY Available in this set).

These emoji-type designs are sure to be a hit with family, friends, and customers. Use them in all types of messages as well as vacation countdowns!

Magic Kingdom Park Pack includes:

  • Frontierland Set
  • Tomorrowland Set
  • Adventureland Set
  • Liberty Square Set
  • Main Street Set
  • Fantasyland Set
  • EXCLUSIVE Castle Medium

Littles are approximately between 3/4"-1.5" in height & width--perfect for use with both 3/4" & 1" letters on your letter boards.

Castle is approx: 1.75" (45mm) wide and  2.2" tall (55mm)


Set breakout:

  • Frontierland: Lt Brown Brer Rabbit, Lt Grey Coon Skin Cap, Copper Big Thunder Mountain Logo, Gold Horseshoe, Brown Tom Sawyer Raft
  • Tomorrowland: Red Speedway Racecar, Slime Green Buzz Space Ranger Blaster, White Space Mountain, Silk Orange Tomorrowland "T", Silver Astro Orbiter Rocket
  • Adventureland: Green Bronze Tiki, Brown Jungle Cruise Boat, Silk Gold Magic Lamp, Black Jolly Roger Pirate Flag, Green Tiki Bird
  • Liberty Square: White Liberty Belle Riverboat, Brown Stockade, Gold Eagle, Bronze Liberty Bell, Purple Haunted Mansion Wallpaper
  • Main Street: Purple Balloon, Dark Green Double Decker Bus, Bronze Partners, Red Train, Lt Blue Dapper Vest
  • Fantasyland: Gold Small World Clock Face, White Regal Carousel Horse, Grey Dumbo, Slime Green Tea Cup, Brown Mine Train Jewel Cart


 **The rectangle peg on the back measures 1.75mm thick & 4mm deep, fitting most standard felt letter boards.

*Colors depicted in photos may vary from actual items due to lighting and plastic filament manufacturer slight color variations. Letter Board Mediums are designed to be used with "felt" type boards. Although they may be used with other board types, we cannot guarantee compatibility nor are we responsible for damage/misuse.